Orienteering C & M - Buttons

Description of the buttons

To get info about a button on the phone, long-press it

If applicable, a button is grayed when deactiveted. In that case, click it to activate

Show/hide the buttons

Select map from three Apple Maps

Change the size of the compass (needle and compass housing)

Change the type of compass housing

Change the length unit of the ruler (metric, imperial or nautical), or no ruler at all

Let the compass orient the map with the landscape irrespective of the orientation of the iPhone/iPad

Only one of the following three buttons can be activated at the same time

Activate the GPS and position the map such that your GPS position is locked at the blue spot at the middle of the compass

Deactivate the GPS and lock the map at the black spot (was blue when the GPS was activated)

Deactivate the GPS and unlock the map. You can position the map using finger gestures. The blue/black spot turns gray

Launch a web browser and show the webpages of the app (these webpages)


Scale, rotate and move the map with one or more fingers. Constraints on the finger gestures are imposed if the map is locked at the point in the center of the compass, and/or the map orientation follows the compass.